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We can stop your hair loss in 3 months & regrow!

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Rewards Points & Redeem

Start to Earn Points :

We offer new customers 100 points to begin with. Register & Start earning Rewards Points today!

Earn Points on Every Purchase:

Every time you make a purchase through us, you earn rewards. These can be used towards your future orders.

We really appreciate returning customers; you can build up points to enjoy deduction from your purchase.

Points have no expiration date. There is no limit of the number of points you can earn.

Earn Points on the Most Helpful Reviews:

We really thank customers for spending time on sharing thoughts, tips and ideas to support and help the hair loss community. Points will be added to account for the most helpful reviews.

How to Redeem your Points:

Redeem Points to pay for the products you are purchasing at the time when you place a new order, but not the shipping charges. 

Please note that is not possible to redeem points on already existing orders.