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We can stop your hair loss in 3 months & regrow!

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Lowest Prices

We Save Your Hair & Your Money:

We are confident that we provide the lowest possible prices on hair loss treatment orders compare with the other authorized dealers for those great hair loss/hair regrowth products.

You may find a lower price on an item or a cheaper shipping rate, but when you place an order and add them together, you will see we can offer better.

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Lowest prices on items when purchase volumes or custom bundles:

We noticed most customers put more than one item in order, so we figured we can make the lower price even lower for them. Enjoy significant savings on volume purchases up to 16%.

Uniquely, when you build your own hair loss treatment bundles which suite your own needs, you still can enjoy volume purchase savings. Enjoy discounts on discounts.

Free Shipping or Lowest Flat Shipping Rates:

We offer every order with very competitive flat shipping rates to USA, Canada and International. Flat rate means that no matter how big the purchase (weight or size) the shipping cost will be the same.

Further, we offer Free Standard Shipping for Continental U.S. customers on every order $70 or more.

For Canada & International customers, enjoy the same shipping discount on all orders over $75 with UPS.

No Sales Tax:

Enjoy no sales tax on every order!

Rewards Points : We appreciate your order & your help to the hair loss society

We offer Rewards Points for every purchase on products and these can be redeemed on your future shopping!

New customers will enjoy 100 Points to begin with. Join us to receive 100 Points now!

We Really thank customers for spending time on helping the hair loss community. To express appreciation, we reward customers with points for each most helpful reviews and answers, even offer to be a VIP member. There is no limit of the number of points you can earn and no expiration date.