Hair transplant VS hair loss treatment

Hair transplant VS hair loss treatment

Hair transplant clinics and organizations claim that 99% (sounds gentle to 100%) of hair loss treatments are useless; while some of hair loss treatment companies claim that their products are 100% effective and can regrow hair in a very short period of time. They both present a really good selling point but ignore people have their own conditions of hair loss and growth. This has caused a big confusion to who are looking for real solutions. We have to say both hair loss treatment and hair transplant surgery are based on development of technologies for decades and have their own advantages, benefits and limits.

Have you ever heard hair growth like a lawn grass? They all grow pretty much the same way, from the root up and need to be taken care of. Grass gets its energy from the sun and nutrients from the ground through its roots. Hair gets its nutrients from bloodstream through hair roots and needs to be taken care properly to get a healthy scalp condition. Both may get problems: we may have thinning hair/ hair loss; lawn may get diseases and cause some bald patches which we don’t feel comfortable with both. Hair and lawn has different forms of problems: temporary hair loss or pattern hair loss in human while seasonal patch or bare patch in lawn. Both have very similar methods to fix problems as well:

You can treat grass diseases with fungicide, fertilizing, watering and controlling diseases by proper maintenance. The process is exactly like you choose hair loss treatment to solve your problem. You also can choose to repair your bare patches of yard with sod installation just like hair transplant which use the ‘sod’ from your own hair scalp. If you have experiences and knowledge on how to treat your lawn then everything will be very clear as below:

Hair loss treatment:

We have been asked about decent hair loss treatment a lot. A decent hair loss treatment company should concentrate on researches, development, essential ingredients, high quality control and effectiveness to cover a great majority with hair loss issues, instead of too many promises on something not 100% sure.

By targeting hair loss/thinning hair causes directly, a decent hair loss treatment can stop hair loss and regrow hair thicker, longer and healthy with lower cost without pain compare to hair transplant. Limits: Customers need knowledge and experiences to select proper and quality products based on understanding of their own hair loss causes and conditions, otherwise, might not receive good results as expected.  There’s no hair loss treatment can guarantee 100 percent to grow hair back completely, but can definitely lower hair loss stages, create a healthy scalp and increase the thickness and volume of hair. Please note that it is not possible to regrow hair after hair follicles closed completely. You may like to treat and control your lawn diseases, but it is not possible to treat your grass land without any seeds and roots left.

Hair transplant:

The process is pretty much the same as sod installation but with your own healthy hair scalp. Advantages: hair could be able to grow properly since the hair restoration surgery removes follicles on the sides and back of the head are less affected by DHT. Hair transplant clinics claim there is no age limits to take the surgery and whatever the hair loss stages you are in.  Limits: Hair transplant may guarantee the quality of hair growth that has planted (The failed hair growth range could between 5% and 15%), but it does not target any hair loss causes, which is why other hair will continue to fall out naturally. It’s costly and has a painful procedure to some people. The place of healthy hair scalp which was removed for transplant will have no chance to grow hair again. The question is how hair transplant can use your own hair to cover bald spots when you almost bald with less than 50% hair left? The answer is making a proper hair styling to cover bald patches/low density areas will still be very necessary.

A real story: We have a customer had experienced 3 times of hair transplants. He told us he didn’t feel too much pain. After 4 years of the last surgery, his planted hair looks great either in long or short. He started to use hair loss treatment about 2 years ago to save the rest of his hair and money instead of taking 4th transplant.
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Hair transplant VS hair loss treatment
Hair transplant clinics and organizations claim that 99% (sounds gentle to 100%) of hair loss treatments are useless; while some of hair loss treatment companies claim that their products are 100% effective and can regrow hair in a very short period of time.

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  1. Ritesh says:

    Hair transplant is not the real fact to solve the problems of hair loss. I have also these problems but when I started using dove shampoo the problems are all going clear and I am very happy to solve the problem of my hair loss which was from last 5 years.

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  4. Hair loss treatment says:

    Hair care is an overall term for parts of hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair on the human head. Hair care will differ according to one’s hair type and according to various processes that can be applied to hair. All hair is not the same; indeed, hair is a manifestation of human diversity.