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Hair Care & Hygiene Tips

Hair Care & Hygiene Tips

Hair care & hygiene tips will help you prevent hair loss and grow your lustrous hair once again.

- Please do not use plastic or metal bristle brushes, use natural bristle brushes instead to manage your hair. Boar bristle brush benefits include the ability to reduce split ends because the bristles are packed closely together, and the ability to close the hair cuticle as it distributes the natural oil into each strand, which makes the hair smooth and shiny. For a longer-lasting natural bristle brush and healthy hair and scalp, natural bristle brushes should be cleaned regularly, since your boar bristle hair brush accumulates dirt and oils from hair when you brush. This dirt and oil will redeposit onto your hair.

- Massage the skin of scalp regularly to enhance blood flow. Scalp massage is important for healthy hair that can help maintain strong and hair growth. The roots of hair are fed by many small blood vessels, which bring oxygen and nutrients to them and carry away carbon dioxide and other waste. Every morning, stimulates circulation in your scalp. Use your fingertips, but do not scratch with your fingernails. Start at your forehead, and gradually work your way back to the hairline at the nape of the neck.

- Choose a PH balanced shampoo and conditioner which closer to the natural PH of hair without soap as well. This kind of shampoo and conditioner can improve the condition of the hair and scalp as they don't swell the hair shaft and don't strip the natural oils.

- Wash hair in medium heated water that does not burn you would be good. It will help to remove dirt and build-up. Finish the wash with a blast of cold water to close the pores of (cuticle) and add shine.

- Blow-dry your hair not too often and under limited low heat and time. It is better to towel dry your hair gently but avoids rubbing your hair with the towel as it may cause breakage and damage to your hair.

- Minimize chemical treatments to your hair. Chemicals will change the basic structure of the hair shaft and leave hair weak and extremely susceptible to breaking and further damage.

- People who are prone to split ends should get their hair trimmed at least every six weeks in order to allow your hair to grow more strongly.

Author: Mores Shane